The properties of each protein vary according to the side chains of the amino acids, which gives them identity and makes them vital for the development of metabolism.

In summary, we could say that it is the building blocks of the muscles and the bricks would be the amino acids, which are absorbed, in greater proportion, from the proteins to be able to build muscle quickly and efficiently. One of the best brands and that meets the amino acid profile is Amix Proteins.


Whey protein: It is the most used by athletes with a large market volume. They are the richest in amino acids and at the same time very quick to digest as they pass through the digestive tract.

Meat protein: Not very famous although lately, the meat isolates protein is gaining importance because it is low in saturated fat and lactose-free.

Egg protein: It is a very complete protein with a digestion duration of 2 to 4 hours, besides, it can be used to replace a meal and is the best protein for lactose-intolerant people.

Soy protein: Obtained from the seeds, it has 9 essential amino acids and is well known by vegetarians, one of its benefits is that it helps reduce blood cholesterol. One of the most popular soy proteins of great quality and efficiency can be found in the range of Vit.O.Best proteins from Nutricion24.

Casein protein: Of dairy origin, it is characterized by slow digestion, so it is perfect to take before bedtime avoiding catabolism during the night fast to which the body is subjected.

Pea Protein: It has gained popularity in recent years. It is of complete vegetable source and an alternative for those looking for a protein that is not of dairy or animal origin.


Proteins are a supplement that becomes more complete when combined with more ingredients that help us complete a perfect daily diet.

One of the main ingredients with which it is usually combined is carbohydrates since in the same supplement we can obtain a clean source of protein, and also the number of carbohydrates necessary to avoid muscle catabolism and enhance and support the benefits of proteins.

They can also be combined with creatine to increase their anabolic effect while increasing strength. Creatine is a supplement of the most used and effective for the development of muscle tissue because it provides extra resistance to go further in strength training.

Vitamins are often combined with proteins to improve the synergy of both products and maximize the benefits of both.

As for brands to buy? Well, as we said before, those that usually have a great variety and quality in the world of supplements could be Amix and Vit.O.Best brand proteins to name a few examples.

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