You can be sure that at some point you will see someone do the torso rotation in the gym. It’s a frequently used movement to warm up the waist. Article by

And while it is a relatively ineffective exercise for what strength is, it can contribute to the definition of oblique abdominals.

For this reason, this exercise can be beneficial to strengthen the abdominal muscles a little and get a good definition, but using a bar or dumbbells can be dangerous if not executed correctly, so make sure you have understood the technique before incorporating it into your training routine.


  1. We stand with a bar behind the shoulders and feet separated in an opening wider than the width of the shoulders or sitting on a flat bench.
  2. The back must be correctly upright.
  3. Start the rotations slowly, taking into account not to make sudden movements and working at full amplitude.
  4. The correct execution of this exercise is of the utmost importance, as fast and poorly controlled movements can be very dangerous for the spine.

The oblique and internal abdominals that cover the lateral parts of the abdomen are those that are most sought after, even the lumbar muscles are sought after, to a much lesser extent.


Don’t go too fast with torso rotations, because then it will be difficult to control the movement and stop the end of the bar. Remember that a sudden change of direction can cause injuries to the vertebrae.

You need to ensure that your abdominal muscles are in good condition before doing this exercise and make sure that you already have good muscle development in the area. This abdominal exercise is usually not recommended for beginners.

The effectiveness of this abdominal exercise will come from applying the correct technique. You have to work at a full amplitude, which should be almost 90°. You should also leave some freedom to the hip so that it can play its role as a shock absorber when changing direction.

For better isolation, it is preferable to do the exercise while sitting. This way, the hips do not intervene. However, you will find that it is a little more difficult to do.

Make sure the bench fits well and can maintain full support of your thighs. When done this way, exercise is usually very effective.

We can even improve its efficiency by leaning the trunk forward without bending the back. The rotations are done in the same way, but in this position, the load efficiency is increased.

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